You’ll Never Recite Your ABC’s The Same After Seeing What Chris Brown Did To Them

  • July 3, 2018
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Aside from being one of R&B’s most-gifted, Chris Brown has one of the most creative fan bases Hollywood has to offer.

And the most hilarious, which they’ve proven with a video they compiled of Breezy’s craziest, wackiest moments to help us relearn the alphabet.

The Heartbreak on a Full Moon singer posted the video to his Instagram titled “Alphabet with Chris Brown.” As the clip runs down the letters from A-Z, viewers are introduced to only the quirkiest of life and times with Chris Brown according to the letter it begins with. For example, F is for “(suck a) fart out my a**,” I is for “It’s cause I’m light skin,” and L is for “like…da f**k,” all phrases Breezy has hilariously spat out at one point or another in multiple different settings.

Looks like we’ll be redubbing him No Chill Breezy after this one.

Learn your ABC’s, Chris Breezy-style, below.

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