Yikes: T.I. Unleashed Hell On This White Fan For His Comments On Colin Kaepernick…

  • July 4, 2018
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Football-player-turned-revered-social-activist Colin Kaepernick is not letting his foot up off of the NFL’s neck for their gross mistreatment and blackballing in a new collusion case against the league, and he’s rightfully got the brotherly support of other influential voices like Atlanta rap star T.I. backing him.

A white Instagrammer learned about that brotherhood the hard way along with a lesson that if you arrive at Tip’s IG comments section, you’d better come armed with the facts.

The Instagram user named “buddygreen2323” took to T.I.’s post about a report regarding Kaepernick’s ensuing legal action against the NFL. New reports claim that the legal team behind the GQ Citizen of the Year will be subpoenaing White House occupant Donald Trump in the collusion suit, which received applause from the self-proclaimed King of the South.

On the contrary, “buddygreen2323” slid his two cents in on Kaepernick with some supremacist-echoing rhetoric that Tip slammed a history book down on with the quickness.

“Colin Kaepernick is a joke,” the Instagrammer wrote. “If you don’t like this country feel free to leave.”

Need Tip remind him, there’s a few things wrong with the latter portion of his statement, however.

“B**ch y’all brought us over here after y’all raped, stole, cheated and tricked the true native out of their land!” the Us or Else artist responded. “So the real statement is…if you didn’t want us here you should have left those of us from Africa where was at and built this sh** you damned selves! No mo talk!!!”

While some might consider his response rather harsh, it’s worth nothing that Tip isn’t partial in the realm of justice and civil activism. Two weeks ago, the Harris family patriarch reminded the members of his own community that unity is a virtue that should be agreed upon by all races, especially after he joined the outrage stemming from a video of police brutalizing a white woman on the beach.

Salute, T.I.P.!

See his history lesson for the disgruntled, anti-Kaepernick Instagrammer below.

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