Yikes: Game Posts Video Footage Of These Three Men Attempting To Rob His Home

  • July 9, 2018
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Three bold individuals took on a daring criminal task during 2018 BET Awards weekend: a home burglary of Compton hip-hop heavyweight, Game.

Evidently, they aren’t the savviest of burglars, however, and Game is exposing them for one simple mistake they made that might cost them the disclosure of their masked identities: the parking location of their getaway car.

In the brief clip from the security cam footage, three individuals dressed in all black can be seen roaming surreptitiously around Game’s residential premises.

Game said that what was almost an attempted burglary happened this past Saturday during the BET weekend festivities in L.A., as he saw the men on the ground checking for any sensors on entrances to the home like doors and windows. After they’d realized how tight the security was and spotted both of Game’s Rottweiler dogs in the home, he said, they decided a break-in might not be worth it. The perps were also aware of the cameras as well, which Game said they attempted to avoid by covering their faces with their hands and the towels they planned on using in case they had to break through glass to enter the home. Apparently, they weren’t mindful of every camera, though.

“What they din’t realize wit they dumb ass is the neighbors got cameras too & where they parked they car the plate was visible,” Game wrote in his Instagram caption of the footage. “No need to call police, we gon see how you like n**gas in all black at yo crib!!!”

Now that BET Weekend has come to a close and the “Hate It Or Love It” rapper is back home, he urged the culprits for a round two, but promised that if they even attempted another burglary, it would be the worst mistake of their lives.

“A place where my children lay their heads at night will never be disrespected on my watch!!” he continued. “If & when you come back ‘I’M KILLING ALL THREE OF YOU N**GAS ON SIGHT’!!! So if you wanna lose your life over some Xbox’s & a few TV’s…by all means, pull up & hop that gate again… ME & DRACO WILL BE WAITING!!!!”

For the sake of everyone involved, particularly the burglars, let’s pray they’ve heeded Game’s warning in the meantime.

See the footage of what was almost a home invasion and Game’s message to the three bandits below.

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