YG Open To Rap Collab With LeBron James, 'Hell Yeah!'

  • July 17, 2018
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Open To Rap Collab With LeBron

… ‘Hell Yeah!’

7/17/2018 12:04 PM PDT


Movie stars ain’t the only ones fallin’ all over themselves to work with LeBron now that he’s in Hollywood …

YG tells TMZ Sports he’s absolutely open to a music collab with LBJ if the King wants to do one.

“I f*ck with LeBron,” YG says. “Hell yeah, that n**** can get a YG feature!”

One problem … YG says it probably ain’t gonna happen — ’cause Bron’s too old for rap dreams.

What YG may be forgetting is that LeBron has dabbled in rap before — in fact, TMZ Sports has Bron’s tracks from a 2014 session with his pal, Sian Cotton … when the two hit a recording studio in Ohio. 

In the song, titled “Kingdom” — Bron raps about docking his yacht off the coast of France, having dope cars and TWO RINGS!!

Of course, now he has 3 rings … so, maybe it’s time for a new track — and YG might be just the guy to help get it done. 

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