XXXTENTACION Fans Did Something Shameful To His Alleged Abuse Victim At His Vigil…

  • June 28, 2018
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Apparently, fallen Miami rapper XXXTENTACION’s ardent fans have refused to grant the wishes of his alleged abuse victim and former girlfriend, Geneva Ayala, who pleaded with them to remove her from the hateful, abhorrent online conversations amid the 20-year-old artist’s death on Tuesday (June 19).

Sadly, they’ve used his vigil to bring their detestation for her from the online world to the real one.

Ayala is hysterical in a video that she posted to social media as she screams in devastation at the burning items she left at his vigil site that she said fans set on fire.

“The fact that they burned my sh**, bro, like that is so f**king disrespectful, like how could you guys do that?” she says while angrily struggling through tears. “I don’t care how much you guys hate me, like, why would you guys do that?”

It’s clear in the video that she’s consumed with anguish after fans took their intolerance for her to such contemptible measures, and her message on Instagram posts showing the vandalized objects are just as heartbreaking for her. She showed one of the items that appear to be a pair of now-demolished headphones, explaining that she arrived at the vigil to pay her respects quietly. Ayala said she was even more perplexed at how the vandals even gained access to her items since she specifically placed them behind the caution tape presumably used to protect the vigil’s sacred relics.

“The globe, board, flowers and candles I brought for him were placed BEHIND THE CAUTION TAPE, AND THEY LET THEM GET THE SH** AND SET IT ALL ON FIRE,” she wrote in her caption. “He would’ve wanted me there. I have no f**king words.”

In another post, which shows the aforementioned globe, flowers, candles and board, she revealed that they’d even went so far as to boot her out of the vigil. Ayala had been there for under half an hour before she said they pulled her away from the memorial.

“I just wanted to stay,” she wrote. “I wasn’t bothering anyone. This is unfair. I’m absolutely devastated. THEY BURNED THE SH** I LEFT THEY BURNED WHAT I BROUGHT FOR HIM I’M SO MAD LIKE I’M SCREAMING.”

Thus far, there are no known leads on the perpetrators, and no information regarding law enforcement becoming involved with the incident has been provided yet. Hopefully, however, all those who held X close to their hearts can move forward peacefully in honor of his passing.  

See her account of what happened at the 17 artist’s vigil below.  

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