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  • November 14, 2018
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Should the HBO apocalyptic series add the ‘Mask of Zorro’ star, he will join newly-added ‘Breaking Bad’ alum Aaron Paul.

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“Westworld” has already big name stars, but that seemingly doesn’t stop HBO from adding more in its cast. A new report suggests that the studio is interested to get Antonio Banderas on board for the upcoming season 3.

According to That Hashtag Show, the show is looking to add the actor in a villaious role. While there’s so little known about the character Antonio is expected to play, the site reveals that it will be in the same vein as the cyberterrorist villain, which was played by Javier Bardem, in “Skyfall”.

Should “Westworld” add Antonio, “The Mask of Zorro” star will join Aaron Paul. The “Breaking Bad” alum previously was announced as the new addition to the cast of the apocalyptic series. It’s still unknown what the three-time Emmy-winning actor will portray in the series, though he will be a series regular.

Season 3 of “Westworld” will see a different world than what fans have seen in the first two seasons. The second season ended in a fully upended status quo with most of the hosts either being dead or going from the park.

Of the upcoming season, star Jeffrey Wright (Bernard), revealed that he’s “excited to explore the idea of host as guests, as Bernard and Dolores Evan Rachel Wood are guests now.” He added, “The mirror reflection seems that it’s turned on this new [incarnation of] Westworld, and that is the human world. I think the exploration now of [pretending to be] human inside this world as hosts could be rich territory. Once again, it seems there’s a possibility, again, without having read one word of season three, that the worlds are turned upside down and inside out once more.”

Production is expected to begin in March 2019 up to October. HBO has yet to announce the premiere date of season 3 of “Westworld”, though it’s expected to arrive sometime in 2020.

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