Watch Blac Chyna Explode On The Paparazzi: 'Cut It The F**k Off!'

  • September 8, 2018
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Blac Chyna and the paparazzi just don’t seem to mesh well, and a recent interaction she had with a photographer further cemented this sentiment.

A video that’s currently circulating online showed the former stripper going in on a paparazzo after he approached her in a manner that she found was a bit too aggressive for her liking.

“Cut it the f**k off!” she yelled before ordering him to delete the footage he filmed of her. 

After adding that she was “not trying to be seen,” and reminding him that she’s a “Black girl from DC,” she firmly stressed, “This is why I don’t leave my house.”

Elsewhere during the encounter, the model suggested to the photographer that he simply ask her permission to take her picture so she can prepare and not be caught off-guard.

“You wanna get some pictures? Cool,” she said. “Let me fix my hair. I get it, but that s**t right there, that’s what makes me go nuts. It’s not even cool.”

Take a look at the explosive exchange, below:

Does Chyna have a point here?

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