Wait, Did Blac Chyna Dump Her Teenage Lover Because He Got Another Woman Pregnant?

  • June 28, 2018
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While Blac Chyna and 18-year-old rapper YBN Almighty Jay are now a thing of the past, details of their split are coming from all different directions, and the latest attempts to give insight from the former stripper’s perspective.

According to TMZ, contrary to previous reports, Chyna is the one who initiated the breakup after learning that the teenager was flirting with other women on social media and even possibly got one pregnant.

The site reports that she “felt disrespected” after learning that he was slipping into a few girls’ DMs and was spending time with some of them after performances.

In addition to those reports, the teenager also allegedly has a wandering eye, something that didn’t sit well with the mother of two, and this apparently served as the last straw for her.

In regards to him allegedly knocking another woman up, the site reports that while sources close to Chyna believe he did, Jay’s people claim there is “no confirmation yet that he’s got a kid on the way.”

Now that their short-lived romance is officially old news, however, Chyna is reportedly not rejoicing in being a single woman, again. In fact, she is said to be basking in depression.

“She’s hollering and throwing tantrums like her son because she got dropped by a teenager,” Radar Online reports, claiming, again, that the rapper did the dumping. “She’s been blowing up Jay’s phone, trying to get him to take her back.”

All the finger-pointing aside, these two are done. Moving on…

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