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  • January 19, 2019
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Zara Rahim, head of communications at The Wing, can’t forget the moment the ‘Umbrella’ singer stunned everyone in the restroom as she waited in line to use the toilet.

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Rihanna is not one to flaunt her celebrity status to get special treatment. The “Umbrella” hitmaker is capable of humbly waiting in line in public restroom with other non-famous people, according to Zara Rahim, head communications at The Wing.

On Friday morning, January 18, Zara took to Twitter to share her experience escorting the singer at an event a year ago. She recalled that Rihanna came late and needed to use the toilet badly. “Rih really needed to pee when she arrived,” Zara wrote. “I told her we could take her to the private restroom upstairs. Nope. Too far. She was going to use the closest one. The public restroom.”

“Extremely nervously and in a full internal spiral, I lead her to the women’s restroom, knowing there was going to be a lot of women in there because the attendees were waiting for her to close the day out and taking a break from sitting in the room idly until she started,” she continued her story.

Zara was right. There was a long queue in the public restroom, and she was the only one accompanying Rihanna at the time. Even security team wasn’t there to watch over them. “Oh god, this is bad. No security. Just Zara and Rihanna heading into a public a** restroom packed with Navy of varying degrees – but all definitely Navy,” she recalled.

The Twitter user remembered the reactions from other women, “The women were so slow to realize what was happening – just from the pure shock. Once things registered, I swear to God I’ve never heard noises emitted from women’s bodies like that. Imagine something I can only describe as something between screaming, crying, joy, and confusion?”

But Rihanna continued to act like any other commoners. Zara penned down, “Rihanna was not gonna skip the line. She waited!!!!! She made small bathroom like talk!!!!! She’s just like that except way hotter, richer and better smelling!!!! A real woman’s woman!!!!”

Zara was further amused when Rihanna told a woman who used the toilet before her, ” ‘I hope you didn’t take a s**t girl!!!!!’ in her extremely Rihanna way.” Zara said the woman who just opened the stall door had her mouth dropped seeing the Barbadian songstress in front of her.

“[Rihanna] came out and washed her hands,” Zara said of what Rihanna did next. “She used the lotion… The dispenser was malfunctioning because it realized it was in the presence of Rihanna. She had too much lotion on her hands.” Then in a very friendly way, the “Diamond” songstress grabbed Zara’s hands and applied the lotion to her hands. “She said ‘Give my your hands. You’re ashy sis!!!!’ She rubbed her beautiful, tattooed, perfectly manicured hands on on my hands,” Zara jotted down.

“I couldn’t stop looking at our hands intertwined. I didn’t even bother to look up. Time stopped. She was gone before I knew it,” Zara concluded her story, as many were delighted to know that Rihanna is still down to earth despite her celebrity status.

I had a very long day so as a form of Twitter therapy I wanted to share a story about @rihanna and the time we used a public restroom together.

— Zara Rahim (@zara915) 18 Januari 2019

“I want Rihanna to call me ashy,” one reacted to Zara’s story. Another added, “This is the best thread I have ever read!!!!” Some other jokingly suggested that Zara’s story should be turned into a movie or song.

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