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Tommie Is Finally Free From Her Ankle Monitor And You Won't Believe The First Thing She Wants To Do

  • August 25, 2018
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When it comes to freedom, you can find appreciation in almost anything, especially the small things. 

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta reality star Tommie Lee has recently gained a new sense of freedom as she took her 3.2 million Instagram fans on the journey to have her ankle monitor removed. 

“Today is the day that I say goodbye to my little friend,” the 34-year-old mother shared with excitement and a smile filled with pure bliss. 

Keep scrolling to see ankle monitor that could be seen in all her recent fashion-forward flicks:

ICYMI: Tommy has never been shy about her legal issues, as she was seen wearing her ankle bracelet as an accessory, including when she was spotted soaking up the fashion world of Paris and met her favorite artist, Rihanna. 

Styled to perfection, Tommie entered the CSRA Probation Services, Inc eagerly anticipating the parole officer to remove her dreaded monitor, which she claimed she had placed on her ankle in order to help her control her alcoholism.

Once the officer removed the bracelet, Tommie yelled out, “I got my motherf*cking leg back!”

See the moment for yourself:

We are happy to hear that Tommie hopes to never have to endure this embarrassment again. We can only assume and pray that she is doing her best to address her life dilemmas and walk the successful path to sobriety. 

So what is Tommie eager to do now that the monitor is removed? The bad girl of reality TV has set her sights on taking a dip in a pool and get cool even though she can’t swim.

That’s what being free will do to you. 

Could this mean we can expect a new and improved Tommie? Only time will tell, but we wish her nothing but the best in her quest to greatness. 

(Photo: Prince Williams/ Wireimage)

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