This Video Of Freddie Gibbs Slapping A White Man Who Called Him A 'N**ga' Is Seriously Bold

  • June 27, 2018
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Former CTE signee and Indiana-bred femcee Freddie Gibbs has a zero-tolerance policy for racism, a policy he had to physically enforce on a homeless White man when he hurled racial slurs at him.

A video recorded from Gangsta Gibbs himself and circulating on social media shows him approaching the man with a caption on the video that reads, “Had to slap this cracker today.”

Gibbs proceeds to slap the man, who yells out, “B**ch a** motherf**ker” afterward. The video cuts to a clip of Gibbs driving away, still filming the man, and warning him that if he repeats his language, he’ll handle him for a second time.

“No hard feelings n**ga,” he says to the man.

The Baby Face Killa is no stranger to giving—we’ll call it—handheld lessons in respect, especially after his humorous 2017 Desus & Mero interview exit regarding Young Jeezy.

I’ll whoop yo a**, n***a. F**k with me,” he said on the now-former late night show. “F**k Jeezy. B***h a** n***a. And when that n***a come on here, ask him about me.”

Gibbs was only pulling legs with his statement, but we don’t doubt that he’d take it there with someone like the bigoted homeless man when need be.

See how he handled the racist remark in the video below.

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