T.I. Responds To Backlash After Posting This White Woman’s Brutal Encounter With Police

  • July 16, 2018
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One of hip-hop’s leading voices in the socio-political realm, T.I. lent his support to yet another apparent case of police brutality on Monday (May 28) after a video surfaced of police violently manhandling a woman on a beach.

From the Atlanta emcee’s post, there isn’t much context into the details of the incident or the victim. However, considering that she appeared to be a white woman, there were a few conflicting opinions about the footage that led some fans to be on the opposite end of Tip’s police accountability sentiments this time.

The Grand Hustle Records leader angrily responded to the video, calling out the involved police officers for their slave-like treatment of the young woman.

“Y’all cops who did this some F**KIN COWARDS!!!,” he wrote. “u had NO RIGHT to treat this lady like this!!! In front of her children at that!!! As Americans WE HAVE RIGHTS!!!”

Tip specifically called on non-minorities to pay specific attention to the video as well and unite accordingly.

“Maybe now that we see it can happen to anyone of any color we’ll be ready to unite, accept that this isn’t a ‘minority’s’ problem…” he concluded. “ITS AN AMERICAN PROBLEM!!! America YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!!”

One Instagrammer stumbled across the post and added a rather nonchalant response to the footage. Because the majority of white Americans are silent on police brutality and other plights plaguing the Black community, he commented, he turned a cold shoulder to the incident at hand.

“Nothing to see here,” he wrote. “I can care less about white on white crime. White ppl literally do NOTHING when it comes to us being assaulted by police so why should we care about this???”

Tip responded humbly, reminding him that there are some white allies who use their privilege to speak out on issues affecting minorities and fighting racism as well—such as in the racially charged Starbucks discrimination incident in April. His response to another Instagrammer wasn’t so calm, however, after she fact-checked him for some skewed information in his caption.

“The woman getting beat was NOT with her kids!!!” he said. “Stop [making] the status so dramatic than what it is…I hate celebrities that just repost without [getting] the full facts!! Ugh.”

He opted not to respond to the aggressive remark, but instead sent her on her way…off of his page, that is.

See how he handled the opposing fans below.

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