T.I. Has Interesting Thoughts About Kim Kardashian's Meeting With Donald Trump…

  • July 13, 2018
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Reality television star Kim Kardashian’s meeting with another White House occupant and former reality TV notable Donald Trump wasn’t the most well-received from the public, though the 37-year-old’s idea to meet with him was backed by a noble cause.

Perhaps one of Hollywood’s more knowledgeable and participatory figures in socio-political conversations would be more fit, however, such as Atlanta rap icon T.I. He’ll pass on a Trump visit, he told TMZ, but feels if Kim K wants to take her chances, why not?

TMZ hit up Tip on Thursday (May 31) as he was making his way around Beverly Hills to get his best political opinion on the unexpected meeting. He wasn’t exactly sure she’d be the “right one” to get the job done, but agrees that someone should do it.

“We ain’t going to be able to get nothing done if don’t nobody want to talk to him,” he said. “So, I kind of see it’s better her than me.”

Kardashian claimed to have gone to meet with the president to discuss prison reform, more narrowly, the pardoning of Alice Marie Johnson, the 63-year-old woman serving a life sentence on nonviolent drug charges.

Tip believes her meeting was appropriate only given that she came armed with the right facts and proper research, and especially if it will affect change somewhere. As for the reported recommendation from New York music industry mogul Jay-Z to MMG heavyweight Meek Mill (which Meek later confirmed was not true) amid his plan to visit the White House for a similar conversation, T.I. feels it unnecessary.

“We can’t compromise the people that we need on this side of things,” he said.

Besides, Tip added, such a meeting might reflect well on the folks over at the White House, “but not for us.” As for his own opportunity to visit Trump’s presidential residence, he would accept, but only under one condition: if he could bring famed Black nationalist leader and social activist Louis Farrakhan as a plus one.

What do you say, Trump?

See his thoughts on the latest political meet-up to shake up Hollywood and the White House below.

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