Stormy Daniels' Husband Accuses Her of Cheating, Gets Restraining Order in Divorce

  • July 23, 2018
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Stormy Daniels

Husband Accuses Her of Cheating

… Gets Restraining Order

7/23/2018 11:19 AM PDT


Stormy Daniels’ husband doesn’t just want a divorce — he wants her to stay clear of him and their child — and he’s accusing her of cheating.
We’ve learned a judge has grantedĀ Glendon CrainĀ a restraining order which he requested with his divorce petition. The judge, among other things, agreed to prohibit Stormy from coming in contact with Crain or their 7-year-old daughter, which Crain says was necessary becauseĀ Stormy wanted to bring her on tour where she would be on a bus with other adult performers and at risk for both physical and emotional harm.Ā 
The restraining order also prevents Stormy from falsifying any document or withdrawing or transferring any assets from their accounts or from cutting off Crain’s access to his credit cards. There’s no evidence in the docs she’s committed such misdeeds.
Crain also got exclusive use of the couple’s home and 2 cars.
As for the cheating … Crain isn’t specific, but merely says Stormy “committed adultery.”Ā 
As we reported, Glendon filed for divorce last week. He married Stormy in 2015 but the 2 have rarely been seen together in public since she emerged with allegations against Donald Trump.
We knew something was up earlier this month when Stormy was arrested at a Columbus strip club. On the police report, she marked “No” when asked if she was married.
A hearing is scheduled for Friday, where Crain will try to get the restraining order made permanent.

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