SMH: Here's R. Kelly's Response To Hollywood's #MuteRKelly Movement

  • July 22, 2018
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The sexual deviancy, misconduct and abuse accusations against Chicago R&B veteran R. Kelly are piling higher and higher in 2018, with the latest holding that he infected one woman with herpes after sexually assaulting her.

None of it seems to be bothering the Pied Piper, though, after a recent video surfaced of him toasting up to what’s left of his industry career despite the heinous controversies and newly emerged #MuteRKelly movement.

The video begins with Kelly discussing the “40 billion motherf**kers” that still love him, assuming he means his fans who might still be showing up to concerts or streaming his music.

“I’m gonna take this musical sh**t, and I’m gonna inject these motherf**kers with this musical, beautiful, motherf**king sh**.”

One person jokes about Kelly’s sultry subject matter in his music by interrupting him with, “Wait, I can’t afford no more kids!” which sends the rest of the folks in the room bursting into laughter. Kelly continued his speech by insisting that he is “handcuffed by [his] destiny,” and suggesting that he’s too prominent of a music figure now for anything and anyone to stop him.

“It’s too late!” he declared. “They should have did this sh** 30 years ago. It’s too late! The music has been injected into the world.”

Afterward he proposed a toast to “all the strong motherf**kers” in the room who have continued to support and stick by him during these times. His “basketball mentality,” he added, is what has helped keep him afloat so long since as long as he “has the ball, the world will be on defense.”

It appears to be mostly men in the room, and a loud roar erupts as they toast their glasses to the Chocolate Factory artist.  

Unfortunately for him, neither Spotify nor Lifetime share his sentiments. 

See why in 2018 he’s still raising the glass to his music career in the video below. 

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