SMDH: This Co-Host From ‘The View’ Reveals She Was Called The N-Word By Kids

  • July 29, 2018
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Though many choose to ignore the fact that racism, particularly against African-Americans, is still rampant in United States of America, every day a new story is reported to reiterate this fact.

Most recently, one of the co-hosts of The View opened up about experiencing racism, first-hand, while vacationing with friends on July 4.

The View co-host and political commentator Sunny Hostin shared the personal story with the ladies of the panel and their audience.

She explained that while, ironically, celebrating Independence Day with some friends at a beachfront rental home on the Azurest enclave of Sag Harbor in Long Island, New York — a place with rich African-American significance — they were verbally attacked by a group of kids.

“We heard some kids on the beach, and they started yelling the n-word at us,” she said. “They were yelling things like, ‘This is America! We are patriots!'”

Still visibly shaken by what occurred, she added that the incident was unexpected as that beachfront has “always been our safe haven.”

“It was so shocking because in 12 years or more, nothing like that has ever happened to us,” she said. “We engaged them and said, ‘Are you calling us the n-word? This is harassment,’ and they denied saying it. But, they didn’t deny that it had been said.”

Watch her emotionally recall the disgusting debacle, below:

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