Slim Thug Has More To Say About Russell Wilson And Ciara…

  • August 18, 2018
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The Houston emcee blamed the internet’s clickbait complex on his commentary getting misconstrued. He then apologized and explained that he wasn’t necessarily calling Russell Wilson “lame and corny,” but instead was making an argument for “good guy [swag] vs. bad guy swag.” Clearly, that point came across all wrong. Thug regrets using him as reasoning, but at the time, the NFL star was the only example that came to mind.

The real question he intended to pose was, Can a woman who’s attracted to a bad boy switch to a clean-cut guy? “I believe if you like street dudes, you like street dudes. I think a woman would do that for financial stability and for the better of her kids or a [more] solid life, but I don’t think that’s initially, in her heart, who she really wants to be with. I could be wrong; I’m a rapper.”

To answer his question, of course you can switch it up. Most don’t do it solely for financial reasons, but for mental, spiritual, emotional and physical reasons. Slim Thug’s statements are contradictory and he clearly doesn’t understand what it means to level up. Send him your prayers.

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