Sharna Burgess Has Torn Some of Her

  • January 18, 2019
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The Australian native reveals that she once was forced to put an athlete in line after he tried to put moves on her while competing on the ABC dancing show.

AceShowbiz –
Sharna Burgess is not here to play. The “Dancing with the Stars” pro dancer makes a big revelation during her visit to her season 27 partner Bobby Bones’ radio programme, saying that she had a slightly tensed relationship with some of her other former pupils on the ABC dancing competition after they tried to hit on her.

“I’ve torn some of the guys to pieces, especially when they come in with an ego and they’re there for all the wrong reasons and they think they’re going to get something from me that they’re not,” The 33-year-old dancer shared in the Tuesday, January 15, episode of “The Bobby Bones Show”. Bobby responded, “Like, hook up with you?”

“Yeah,” she replied, adding that the situation was “so bad.” The Australian native went on saying, “And then they get this attitude, ’cause they’re so used to getting whatever they want. And so, here I walk in, and I just tear them down to pieces about everything that I think of ’em and why I absolutely wouldn’t go there.”

In that situation, Sharna revealed that she would give her partner a choice. “We can either compete and we be great or you can, you know, run away with with your tail between your legs because you didn’t get what you wanted,” she explained.

She refused to name the men in question, though she remembered one particular athlete that made her lost it. “We ended up being fine, but I had to lose it at one of the athletes I danced with to put him in line,” she recalled. “I told him the most insane things to get through to him about what I thought about him as a human being at that point and what he was doing to everyone else around him.”

Sharna further revealed that “it took a couple of weeks” before “he came around.” When asked if she keeps in touch with her partners, she said, “Some, not all. Go on… guess who I DON’T speak to.”

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