Sen. Marco Rubio Squares Off with 'InfoWars' Host Alex Jones

  • September 5, 2018
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Sen. Marco Rubio

Squares Off with Alex Jones …

‘I’ll Take Care of You Myself’

9/5/2018 9:11 AM PDT

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Sen. Marco Rubio and “InfoWars” host Alex Jones got right up in each other’s faces outside a Senate hearing … and Rubio threatened to open a can o’ whoop ass on Jones.
The toe-to-toe showdown went down Wednesday morning after Rubio exited a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on social media. It gets heated right around the 1 min mark of the video.

Wow, this video. Alex JONES calls RUBIO a “frat boy” and touches Rubio on the shoulder. Rubio tells Jones not to touch him and that he won’t be arrested because I’ll “take care of you myself.”
— Kyle Cheney (@kyledcheney) September 5, 2018
Jones, the king of conspiracy theorists, was there and pissed about being censored on social media platforms, so he decided to upstage Rubio in front of reporters. Rubio played the “I don’t know who this guy is” card … then Jones condescendingly patted Rubio on the shoulder, and it was on.   
Rubio threw down some tough talk, for a Senator, saying … “Don’t touch me again, man. I’m asking you again not to touch me.” Jones kept jawing at him until Rubio took the bait, blurting out … “You’re not gonna get arrested, man. I’ll take care of you myself.”
The verbal jabs continued, but no physical fight. Not this time.
Rubio’s closing shot: “You guys can talk to this clown (Jones).”Jones’: “Listen to the little frat boy. So cool.”

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