Sarah Palin Compares Sacha Baron Cohen Duping Politicians to #MeToo

  • July 14, 2018
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Sarah Palin

Even Men Are Pissed at Sacha’s Pranks …

It’s Like #MeToo!!!

7/13/2018 7:01 AM PDT

Sarah Palin says politicians falling victim to Sacha Baron Cohen‘s pranks is kinda like the new #MeToo. Seriously. 

Palin’s still railing at Sacha for duping her — pretending to be a disabled veteran to interview her — and says she’s justified in her anger, because “all these men coming out now saying, ‘Oh, yeah, me too.'” 

Unfortunate turn of phrase?

Anyway, she told ‘GMA’ she walked out on Cohen’s prank because he’s humiliating middle-class Americans, and blamed a speaker’s organization for not vetting the comedian.

As for the fact she’s, even if inadvertently, promoting the hell outta Sacha’s show — Sarah dropped a “pimp” line. Seriously.

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