Sam Smith Finds It Hard to See Happy Couple After Break Up From Brandon Flynn

  • February 3, 2019
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Aside from the admission, the ‘Stay With Me’ hitmaker tells Will Young and Chris Sweeney on their ‘Homo Sapiens’ podcast while he loves singing, he does ‘get depressed on tour.’

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Single Sam Smith has joked he wants to poke at the eyes of people happily in love.

The singing superstar broke up with his “13 Reasons Why” beau Brandon Flynn in June (18) after nine months together.

Sam has never been shy about laying bare his heartache in his music, and talking to Will Young and Chris Sweeney on their Homo Sapiens podcast, the “Stay With Me” singer admitted he’s still not ready to see other people loved-up.

“I was in Sacramento (yesterday) and the day before we had a day off in Napa, it was really nice. We went to this beautiful restaurant,” Sam told the hosts. “It was a bit romantic… I’m not in that mood at the moment. I’ve just gone through a breakup, just when I see couples I just wanna like poke their eyes. And Napa is very romantic, it’s beautiful, it’s like Tuscany.”

“It’s hard isn’t it to be happy for other people when you’re feeling so s**t.”

The 26-year-old also sounded sombre when he spoke about how he battles depression on tour.

Explaining to Will, who he said it was “trippy” to finally meet as he was the first person he’d ever seen in concert, Sam admitted he struggled while on the road.

“This tour, I’ve been prepared. It’s still been a bit of a crazy experience, I get really low sometimes on tour,” he sighed. “I feel like I sound so depressing all the time when I talk about it, but I get depressed on tour. I love it, I love singing. As soon as I’m on the stage and I’m three songs in, I feel good.”

“I think it’s just part of my life at the moment, no one can relate to what I’m going through ever and that feeling is quite strange. But then when you really think into it, can anyone relate to what anyone’s thinking, everyone’s going through their own motions and life?”

He added that it’s the “responsibility and pressure” that makes him really struggle, with lots of people’s jobs depending on him performing each night.

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