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Ruth Wilson Jokes She Needs Therapy After Portraying Her Grandmother on

  • February 6, 2019
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BBC/Peter Marley

While ‘The Affair’ actress opens up about the challenges she faced filming the mini series, co-star Iain Glen admits he struggled to understand Alec Wilson’s motivation to behave the way he had.

AceShowbiz –
Ruth Wilson will play her own grandmother in a new three-part mini-series.

“Mrs. Wilson” will revolve around Alison Wilson, who discovered her spy novelist husband, had been living a double life upon his death, when another woman claimed she was also married to the writer. And there were reportedly other wives.

At a recent Television Critics Association panel, the former “The Affair” star admits the role was odd at times.

“The most challenging part of playing one’s own grandmother is giving birth to my own dad and kissing my granddad,” she said. “I need to go to therapy now.”

And she feels for her father after he sat through a screening of “Mrs. Wilson”.

“There were four minutes of silence (after the film),” she explained.

Wilson revealed her grandmother’s marriage drama was unveiled upon her death via a memoir she left for her children.

Meanwhile, co-star Iain Glen, who plays Alec Wilson in the mini-series, admitted he still can’t understand why his character behaved so badly.

“I couldn’t understand his motivation… why he behaved the way he had,” the “Game of Thrones” star said. “I felt it was wrong for me to try to rationalise and fully comprehend it… (but) I did not want people to readily dismiss him as a cad… someone who behaved abominably.”

During the TCA panel a fire alarm went off, prompting quick-witted Ruth to joke, “It’s my grandfather, cursing the project!”

The actress also revealed that by the time her family learned about Alec’s marriages, all of his wives were deceased except one, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

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