Russell Wilson Seems to Respond to Future's Diss About Ciara

  • January 20, 2019
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Russell Wilson

Seems to Respond to Future’s Diss

… Here’s ‘All That Matters’

1/19/2019 4:29 PM PST

Russell Wilson appears to be responding to Future calling him a whipped man by taking the high road … or issuing a low blow, depending on how you look at it.
The Seahawks quarterback posted a photo Saturday that might very well be in direct response to an interview Future did on Friday, where he said Russ was “not being a man” by allowing Ciara to trash talk her ex-hubby on social media and in public. 

Sounds like #Future wants a woman that can’t think for herself to me, Bruh.#RussellWilson #Ciara #TheCulture
— Grown Folks Music ???? (@ForTheCulture74) January 18, 2019
There’s a couple different ways to interpret Russ’s post — but regardless, it’d be pretty hard not to call it a clap back. The pic shows Future Jr. –who’s Future’s biological son — nuzzling noses with his half-sister, Sienna — who’s Ciara and Russell’s biological daughter.
Russ captioned the post, “All that matters. #Love.”

While you could argue this is an integrity move on RW’s part, you could also say he’s strategically using Future’s own flesh and blood against his pops in a petty feud … which is eyebrow-raising at best. Both arguments would be valid on the face of this. 
As you know … Ciara and Future are in the middle of an ongoing custody battle, for which Ciara now wants a mediator to intervene so a travel schedule can get hashed out for Future Jr. She’s claimed in court docs that Future has allegedly broken scheduled visits and hands off the kid to family members instead of spending personal time with him. 
For the record, Ciara hasn’t said any of this over social media … she did it in public docs.

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