Rihanna's Shades Rub Lawsuit in Her Father's Face, Fenty is Hers

  • January 17, 2019
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No Shade, but …

The Name is All Mine, Dad!!!

1/16/2019 7:12 AM PST

Rihanna’s rubbing it in her father’s face — she’s the only one who’s gonna cash in on the family name … it’s as plain as the designer shades on her face.
Late Tuesday night she was strolling out of her dentist’s office rocking a pair of Fenty shades — the same ones she was wearing Monday night at Sound of Brazil nightclub. You don’t need Fenty bifocals (wouldn’t those be cool) to read the subtext here.
TMZ broke the story … RiRi’s suing her dad, Ronald Fenty, over the family name … essentially.
Dear ol’ Dad launched a talent management company called Fenty Entertainment — but Rihanna says she’s trademarked Fenty for commercial use. You know she’s already made Fenty huge in the cosmetics and apparel biz, and she’s concerned Ronald’s org will confuse the marketplace.
Ronald’s little girl is making her point … the shade is real.

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