Rihanna Mocks Super Bowl Watcher On Flight, Supports Colin Kaepernick

  • February 5, 2019
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Mocks Super Bowl Watcher On Flight

… Supports Colin Kaepernick

2/4/2019 7:50 AM PST

Newsflash to anyone who watched the Super Bowl — you’re officially beefing with Rihanna … who not only didn’t watch the snoozefest in Atlanta but mocked a dude on her flight who did.
RiRi was headed somewhere on a plane Sunday night (prolly somewhere awesome) when she apparently heard a 1st-class cabinmate ask for the Super Bowl to be put on.
She called the dude out on her Instagram Story … putting a sign that said “weirdo” over his head, then posting a picture of Colin Kaepernick with a diss to anyone who watched the game.

Rihanna has been team Kap all the way in his battle with the NFL … reportedly turning down an offer to perform in the Super Bowl because of the way she believes the league has treated Colin.
BTW — calm down … you can’t even see the guy’s face RiRi is talking about in the video, only the top of his head … plus the guy is in 1st class … he’ll be just fine.

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