Report: Tekashi69 Nightclub Shooting Caused By His Own Crew, Two Arrested

  • November 7, 2018
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Trouble follows Tekashi69 wherever he goes. Recently, a crew member on his team was shot in the stomach, but the incident was allegedy caused by someone on his team.

Law enforcement reportedly told TMZ that the rapper was going to meet record exec Elliot Grainge for dinner at a restaurnant in Manhattan. Tekashi showed up with a 7-person entourage, but a fight happened when Grainge’s bodguards wouldn’t allow them in, which made 6ix9ine cancel the meeting and leave.Allegedly, according to TMZ, “Some of Tekashi’s crew stayed behind and for some reason insisted on entering. One of the men allegedly shouted, ‘F*** this, I’m getting inside!'” Grainge’s bodyguards tried to block them from getting in. Tekashi’s crew member, Shottie, allegedly threatened them with, “I’m going to violate you both with gunshots.” Another person in  Tekashi’s crew called for the bodyguards, who are former NYPD, to be shot. 

A brawl ensued and one of the bodyguards “brandished his gun, firing 2 rounds and hitting one of Tekashi’s crew in the stomach.” Police arrrested Faheem “Crippie” Walter and Zachary Bunce. Shottie has not been arrested. 

Tekashi’s rep told TMZ, “It is my understanding that Tekashi was not present when the incident occurred. Shottie has no involvement with any criminal act. The two other men were victims of an assault. The charges will be completely dismissed at some point against them both.” 

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