Report: Nicki Minaj Suspects Cardi B Is Behind Tekashi69

  • November 12, 2018
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The ‘Chun-Li’ raptress thinks rival Cardi B has something to with the attack as she suspects her for trying to ‘assassinate’ her.

AceShowbiz –
Nicki Minaj narrowly escaped a life-threatening accident on the set of music video for Tekashi69 (a.k.a 6ix9ine)’s music video on Thursday night, November 8. During a drive-by shooting near the Los Angeles set, a bullet hit the window of the master bedroom which was assigned for the “Anaconda” hitmaker should she had arrived on the set.

Thankfully, she didn’t come early so no one was injured during the gunfire attack. It was previously reported that the targeted room was initially for Tekashi69 to chill before he gave it to Nicki. That prompted people to think that the attackers were targeting the “FEFE” rapper but fail to get the information about the sudden room change.


However, it seemed like Nicki wasn’t convinced, thinking that she might be the target. One of the “Barbie Dreams” raptress’ alleged trusted friends shared to MTO, “Maybe that bullets were meant for Tekashi, but maybe it was meant for Nicki.”

Her team reportedly was worried that someone was trying to assassinate the Trinidadian beauty, and they were suspecting that rival Cardi B had something to do with it. “[Cardi] has a lot of crazy people around her,” said the friend.

According to sources, after neighbours called in to report “shots fired,” police cars, fire engines and ambulances all reported to the scene, while a helicopter was called in for support.

Law enforcement officials reportedly walked around the property where the rappers were filming to see if any shots “made impact” with the place, and a security guard at the shoot allegedly told officers the gunfire could be heard inside the house during production.

Officers later found at least five shell casings near the property and are continuing to investigate the area, while it’s thought security cameras on the house may have caught footage of the incident.

Unlike Nicki, both Tekashi69 and Kanye West were on set during the attack. The later reportedly left immediately after the gunfire was opened. Fortunately, no one was injured.

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