Report: Kevin Hart’s Sex Tape Extortion Has Come Back To Haunt Him

  • December 23, 2018
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According to court docs obtained by The Blast, the Night School star is using the attempted extortion plot as a defense against a $7 million lawsuit filed against him by gaming app developer Stand Up Digital. 

The comedian teamed up with the company to create a gaming app. Almost one month before the app was set to be released, Hart admitted to having an extramarital affair and revealed that he was being extorted over a sex tape. 

Stand Up Digital filed a $7.2 million lawsuit against Kevin Hart claiming his infidelity played a large role in the lack of success the app achieved.

Per the documents, Hart shot down claims that news of his affair impacted the deal and shared his belief that the app’s release could’ve easily been rescheduled. The comedian allegedly compared the lawsuit to last year’s extortion plot accusing Stand Up Digital of using him “in a similar manner… by using this meritless lawsuit to extract money from him.”

He placed the app’s failure on the company and highlighted their refusal to accept responsibility for it. According to the comedian, the game was “released into an app market where the overwhelming majority of gaming apps make insignificant revenue, and the successful games, such as ‘Game of War,’ have advertising budgets in the tens of millions of dollars.

The comedian also revealed that he kept details of the extortion plot away from the company because it was being investigated by the FBI, and he was not allowed to share details of it with anyone.

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