Report: Christina Milian Brawls With Club Bouncer After Tossing Her Drink

  • November 23, 2018
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Christina Milian was reportedly involved in an altercation with a bar bouncer in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday night, and it was all allegedly sparked by the singer throwing a drink at the security representative.

TMZ reports that Milian and a group of women, including reality star Nicole Williams, showed up at the Figueroa Hotel after attending the Bruno Mars concert in downtown L.A. Witnesses related to the site that things got a bit heated after the bouncer prevented the ladies from entering the bar of the hotel lobby as it was after last call.

The site further reports, however, that the bouncer eventually let Williams and a few others into the establishment before blocking Milian and one of her friends from entering.

Another witness explained that after one of the friends who made it inside reached to open a gate, Milian threw a drink at the bouncer and things escalated from there. He reportedly tried to grab the “Dip It Low” singer but two men intervened and a brawl ensued.

TMZ adds that Milian’s camp relates a different story, mentioning, per their account, that the hotel manager told the group they could all enter the bar, but the bouncer’s aggressive nature caused things to go awry. They additionally claimed that Williams left to go find the manager in question and firmly denied that Milian threw anything. They did state, however, that the bouncer allegedly struck one of the singer’s friends during the fight.

Her rep further added that after realizing the bouncer was not budging, they called an Uber to leave the venue. Her people claimed that as they were walking down the street to meet their ride, the bouncer follower them.

The LAPD reportedly responded to the incident, but there is currently no word on if any police reports were filed.

A rep for the Figueroa Hotel said in a statement that the fight “was unfortunate and was diffused by hotel staff and security to the very best of their ability.”

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