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  • Pastor Cal Confronts Luke Over ‘Vile’ Comments About Kissing Kate

Pastor Cal Confronts Luke Over ‘Vile’ Comments About Kissing Kate

  • February 3, 2019
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Stephanie, meanwhile, is scared with the fact that AJ is someone with short-temper as Keith and Kristine are still figuring out the life after their marriage.

AceShowbiz –
“Married at First Sight” season 8 returned on Monday, January 28. The new episode further explored the relationships of the four couples, Luke & Kate, AJ & Stephanie, Keith & Kristine, and Will & Jasmine, during their honeymoon phase.

In the previous episode, Luke made a shocking revelation about how he felt in engaging intimacy with his new wife Kate. In addition to saying that Kate was not his type, Luke alleged that he felt “repulsed and dead inside” after kissing her. That made the experts mad with Pastor Cal going over to their house to confront Luke over the remarks.

“In all my time at ‘Married at First Sight’ and in all the couples that I’ve dealt with and consoled, I’ve never heard anyone say something so vile to their spouse,” Pastor Cal said to Luke. He also threatened to kick him out of the Lifetime show if he kept disrespecting his wife.

“If you can’t turn it around, respect this woman, be the man that I’m expecting you to be, you need to get the heck up out of here,” Pastor Cal warned.

Luke admitted that he felt horrible for what he said and believed that their marriage was fixable. As for Kate, she revealed that she couldn’t help but worry about the future of their marriage. “I’m worried that if it’s already like this so soon, is it going to get worse and how bad is it going to get?” she said.

She added, “If I was dating and someone said that to me, I would’ve just left, but we’re married so I’m trying to understand where that came from.”

Things didn’t look good between AJ and Stephanie either. Stephanie learned that he could easily get angry. AJ went mad at her when she asked him if they should pack one of his works of art on the walls when they were moving.

“We need a discussion about what actually is going to go. I’m not just going to decide on the fly what I’m going to rip out of here because I still come here everyday,” he snapped. “I’m going to walk in here and want to blow my brains out cause it’s so empty.”

On the other hand, Stephanie shared that him going upset made her extremely uncomfortable. “I just wish he could work it out in a better more constructive way,” she said. “He can be happy really fast and then all of the sudden he’ll get frustrated and he’ll just not talk or he’ll get angry. I want this to work out so bad but I’m realizing living together is going to be more of an adjustment than we thought.”

Keith and Kristine, meanwhile, were still adjusting the life as a married couple. Keith said that all his life he was used to being spoiled as he lives at his grandmother’s house. “I lived a life of luxury. I don’t cook, I eat,” Keith, who is also in school, shared.

The fact that Kristine made more money than Keith was also an issue between the couple. “It bothers me that Keith makes less than I do but I am happy that he is in school,” Kristine said. “He has those ambitions and he does want more.”

Things between Jasmine and Will went good, except for the fact they were seemingly lacking in the physical intimacy department. Jasmine assumed that Will “is just focusing on being respectful.”

However, the experts thought that they were still in the friendzone and they encouraged Will to make a move. Will was still a little bit hesitant, though she assured everyone that he was very sexually attracted to his wife.

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