Paris Hilton Loves Mayweather's $18 Mil Watch, 'Looks Like One That I Have!'

  • June 28, 2018
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Paris Hilton

Loves Mayweather’s $18 Mil Watch

‘Looks Like One That I Have!’

6/28/2018 6:19 AM PDT


50 Cent said Floyd Mayweather is a FOOL for snatching up an $18 MILLION diamond watch — but Paris Hilton tells TMZ Sports … Fiddy is wrong, she actually likes it!!

“It looks like a watch that I have actually,” Paris said at LAX. 

Floyd claims he picked up the famous “Billionaire Watch” from a jeweler in Japan — a watch that contains 239 huge diamonds!!!


50 Cent clowned Floyd for the purchase — saying, “Man they done found the 1 fool in the world,dumb enough to buy that watch. LOL get the strap.”

As for Paris, she defended Mayweather’s spending habits, saying — “It’s a lot … but I think he works very hard, he works for his money and he can buy whatever he wants!”

And, if you’re curious how much Paris’ diamond watch is worth … it ain’t cheap either!!

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