One Of Whitney Houston's Family Members Is Defending Kanye West's Usage Of Her Drug-Infested Bathroom Photo

  • July 16, 2018
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Gary Michael Houston, the son of Whitney Houston’s older brother Michael, says he’s not happy about Kanye West using a picture taken of the singers drug-infested bathroom for Pusha T’s Daytona album, but understands why it was done.

In a statement made to Good Morning America, he explained why he isn’t in outrage over the whole thing.

“Not to be divisive, but I’m of a different mindset when it comes to situations like this,” he relayed in the statement. “People will automatically look to people like Pusha T and Kanye West and try to place blame or say they have ill or malicious intent to gain publicity. But I get it. I get the correlation (sans my aunt but the photo itself).

“Bottom line — they are artists and in this day and age, if they can afford to pay someone for usage of that photograph in order to convey a visual message to accompany their musicianship…then so be it,” he continued.

Houston believes the outrage should be targeted at the person who “violated the trust of my aunt by taking the photo and selling it to the tabloids” in the first place.

In 2006, the National Enquirer featured the photo showing Whitney Houston’s bathroom filled with drug paraphernalia on its cover, which was secretly taken by a family member that same year.

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