One Couple Already Sleeps Together on Wedding Nights

  • January 16, 2019
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Meanwhile, the other couples have their first night together after getting married filled with tension.

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The third episode of “Married at First Sight”, which aired on Tuesday, January 15, followed the wedding nights of season 8 couples. The four couples — Jasmine & Will, Kate & Luke, Kristine & Keith, and Stephanie & AJ, embarked on a trip to Costa Rica to celebrate their marriages. During the trip, they were given an opportunity to get to know more about each other and that was when the drama ensued.

Jasmine and Will’s first night together kicked off quite alright before tension visibly grew between them. It was when Jasmine crashed her four-wheelers into a tree, she told Will, “I did not feel protected. I did not feel that I was married. I just felt like I was alone.”

The tension grew even further when they discussed gender roles in a marriage. Will shared that he was all about equality as a man should help around the house and a woman should help with the bills. However, Jasmine begged to differ. “Even though I’m a strong independent woman, a man is supposed to be head of household. 50/50 is not providing,” Jasmine said.

As for Kate and Luke, they still struggled with PDA. Luke had yet to kiss his wife, who seemed to be jealous of how comfortable the other couples were. “It feels like me and Luke don’t have the same level of affection, and I don’t know what to do,” she admitted. She confronted him about the lack of affection at the dinner and it seemed like Luke wanted to take things as slow as possible.

While the other two couples had been struggling with their own problems, it was not the case for Kristine and Keith. The pair enjoyed their first night by taking a bath together, though they had their bathing suits on. But they did have a clashing opinion after Kristine told him that she wanted to spend the first part of their honeymoon exercising. “Out of all this beautiful scenery, beautiful air, she finds the gym,” Keith said of his new wife.

Stephanie and AJ, probably the most adorable couple in the season, enjoyed the night as they admitted that they had complementary senses of humor in addition to great physical chemistry. They slept together on their first night with AJ saying, “It was quite fun.” Meanwhile, Stephanie boldly confessed, “It was easy to get to intimacy. AJ and I are definitely attracted to each other. I want to have sex with my husband as often as possible.”

Season 8 of “Married at First Sight” airs on Tuesdays at 8 P.M. on Lifetime.

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