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Omari Hardwick, Joseph Sikora & 50 Cent Break Down That Final Surprising Scene From ‘Power’ Season 4.

  • July 12, 2018
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Power season four ended with an unlikely alliance between Ghost (Omari Hardwick), Tommy (Joseph Sikora) and Kanan (Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson). Given their respective histories of literally trying to kill each other, it was a jaw dropping moment to see them all in a car staking out their new mutual enemy, Dre. The unholy trinity lived up to showrunner Courtney Kemp’s mantra of being ‘surprising and inevitable.’ Ghost and Kanan had one degree of separation between them all season via Tariq, with their paths finally colliding. All three realize that Dre (Rotimi) has been deceiving them all, but it will take a coordinated effort to take him down.

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BET.com asked the three of them to recall shooting the scene and what the implications were for season 5.

“Stepping outside of the character I remember it was the first time I’d seen Curtis since about a month prior,” says Hardwick. “He had gone off to work on ‘Den Of Thieves’. We hadn’t talked but we texted each other for sure. I remember that, he and I being back around each other.  And Joe being really silly and laughing a lot. Trying to make sure that the three of us— who have a definite brotherhood outside of our characters—stayed at a really cool place because the shot went way into the night.”


“It was exciting to be back, all three of us  in the actual car,” says Jackson. “I knew the response we would get from it when they got a chance to see it.”

“I thought it looked fantastic,” Sikora says of the shot. “I mean it’s kind of shown in the artwork here. But I thought it looked great,  and I loved that it ended with not only the three of us, but also Rotimi [Dre], and the foreshadowing that says this is the target who’s gonna be very [dangerous]. You’re gonna need a plan to take him down.”

More than being visually arresting, the scene sets up a new dynamic between the players now that their chess board has been kicked over.

“I think one of the greatest surprising things about it is that Tommy is the one with the idea,” says Sikora. “And it wasn’t Kanan first to go, like, ‘let’s just smash him’ or Ghost saying ‘I got this idea.’ Tommy just says something slightly innocuous that actually is a very processed, thought out thing. Which is kinda a new Tommy. So that’s the new Tommy we’re gonna get to know in season five, that’s a little more dynamic and strategic than we’ve seen in the past.”

Jackson isn’t quite convinced of how new this new Tommy is.

“It’s all three of us back under different circumstances. Now Ghost has no interest in his position and continuing to be in the lifestyle. So it leaves me and Tommy. But Tommy isn’t really built for a full leadership. He’ll be like ‘what did Kanan say?’ That’s me getting back what I want.”

Ghost, who is dealing with his son becoming the worst version of him and his daughter being dead, has found himself having to trust Kanan, a root of a lot of his problems.

“I do remember thinking the show had turned and it was cool to see the evolution, yet not necessarily the evolution, of a character who had taught these two the game, that being Kanan. The inception of the show is these three and so it’s not evolving to these three, but it’s evolving to this new literally burned version of Kanan and figuratively burned by Ghost and Tasha. So it’s gonna be interesting to know as an actor that we’re going to a place of ‘Is this triangle going to work?’

Find out when Power Season 5 premiers on Sunday July 1st.


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