Offset's Lawyer Calls BS On Cops for Not Doing Field Sobriety Test

  • July 24, 2018
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Cops Didn’t Do Field Sobriety Test …

Lawyer Says It’s Proof Rapper Was Targeted

7/23/2018 4:11 PM PDT


Offset got arrested for DWB, and the fact that cops didn’t even bother doing a field sobriety test proves it … so claims the rapper’s lawyer.
Attorney Drew Findling tells TMZ he believes the police are lying through their teeth. They claim they stopped him because he crossed a solid yellow line. The arresting officer says when he pulled Offset over he smelled weed. Findling says if that was a legit stop, at the very least the officer would order Offset out of the car to walk the line, yet that didn’t happen.
The police report makes no mention of impairment or suspected impairment … it’s completely ignored.
Findling doubled down on what he told TMZ over the weekend … that his client was targeted because he’s a rich, young, black rapper wearing a “big fat watch” and was driving an expensive car. He says the goal was to “take him down.”
As we reported, Offset, a convicted felon, was charged with illegally possessing 2 handguns, in addition to possessing pot and making an improper lane change.

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