Offset Addresses Crashing Cardi B's Rolling Loud Set to Beg for Forgiveness

  • December 16, 2018
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Addresses Crashing Cardi B’s Set …

To Beg for Forgiveness

12/16/2018 6:53 AM PST

11:28 AM PST — Offset just addressed the massive amount of backlash he’s been¬†getting for bum-rushing Cardi on stage, explaining why he felt the need to do this so publicly.¬†

He says that since all of his wrongs have been made public, he feels it’s only right to make his apologies just as transparent. It also sounds like he’s annoyed by people ripping him online for what many considered to be a cringe-worthy move (at best), while Cardi was on the job.
Offset threw what seemed on the surface like a Hail Mary, by slinking on stage at the Rolling Loud Concert as headliner Cardi B performed her set, but something’s off.
Cardi was a few songs into her performance Saturday night in L.A. at the Banc of California Stadium Grounds, when suddenly a sign made of roses was rolled out on stage that said, “Take Me Back Cardi.” Offset then appeared out of nowhere.
He told Cardi, the crowd and the world … “I just want to tell you I’m sorry, babe.”
It looks like Cardi wasn’t having any of it. But, here’s the thing … how would the venue allow Offset — whom Cardi has kicked to the curb after the whole cheating thing — to just appear on stage and hijack her performance?

After the show, Cardi B posted a warning on Instagram … to be respectful of Offset during what was a difficult time for them. She said she’s not getting back with her estranged hubby, but wants people to lay off him … even referencing Pete Davidson to show how bullying can torment an individual.

It wasn’t all frustration for Offset. After the show, his record label gifted him a super sweet Rolls Royce.

Originally Published — 6:53 AM PST

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