Nicki Minaj Might Have Done Safaree A Favor By Dragging His Hairline…

  • August 31, 2018
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ICYMI: Yesterday (Aug. 14), ex-lovers Nicki Minaj and Safaree went blow for blow in the virtual ring by airing out a lot of dirty laundry that occurred during their 12-year relationship. The most noteworthy reveal had the internet in shambles: the Queen femcee stated that she paid $10K for the reality star’s new hairline.

Well, it seems as though the fiery expose worked out in his favor.

Last night after the war ended indirectly on a ceasefire, Safaree let it be known that he made $30K just off hairline doctor referrals.

No joke I made 30k today just by referring ppl to the doctor who did my hairline … Thank youuu all.. the funny thing is it’s never been a secret dat pic is 7 years old ??but I’ll be posting more info about my doctor later.. thank y’all
internet— @IAMSAFAREE (@IAMSAFAREE) August 15, 2018

This morning, he shared details on another hustle that’ll be added to his resume: an author. The fur-coat wearing, coconut oil-slanging part-time emcee “woke up to a book deal worth $500K and a hair club for men endorsement deal.”

Wow. woke up to a book deal offer for over 500k and an endorsement deal for a hair club for men ??? and that was the 1st offer ?? THANK YOU BABY ? guess imma add author to my long list of hustles— @IAMSAFAREE (@IAMSAFAREE) August 15, 2018

Well, I guess those “crumby VH1 checks” ain’t the only ones Safaree will be cashing in the near future. Will his book be a tell-all memoir, or something more comical? Guess we’ll find out when that pre-order link drops.

(Photos from left: Gabriel Olsen/WireImage, Paras Griffin/WireImage9)

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