New Botched Patient Sallie Axl Underwent Three Bad Nose Jobs

  • February 4, 2019
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No skin off this nose! Just three rhinoplasty surgeries and a rib graft gone wrong. In this clip from Wednesday’s new Botched, DJ Sallie Axl chronicles her lengthy surgical history and explains what got her hooked on cosmetic procedures to begin with.”I think being a performer does make you a bit more conscious about your appearance,” she tells the camera. “When you’re on a stage, everyone is just focused on you. You don’t want to look like the ugly one.”After transitioning from performative fire breather to disc jockey, Sallie remembers becoming more and more aware of her appearance and how altering it might impact her career.”I decided, ‘I need to revamp myself,'” she explains in the clip. “The more plastic surgery equals more [social media] followers and equals more people coming to my DJ-ing gigs.”

The first time Sallie went in for a nose job, she was pretty disappointed with the results. “There wasn’t much difference,” she says. “It wasn’t the tiny nose I’d wanted.” Unfortunately, rhinoplasty No. 2 didn’t do the trick, either.”Three years later, I decided to get my boobs done again,” she recounts. “When I went in for my consultation with [the doctor], he looked at my nose and said, ‘Your nose is collapsed.’ So he offered me a revision.”The revision Sallie’s doctor promised actually turned out to make things worse. “He said he’d had to take some of my rib to put into my nose,” she says toward the new clip’s end. “Well, that was a bit stupid.”Now, Sallie calls her current nose “the worst” one yet. “I hate it,” she laments.Think Dr. Paul Nassifcan finally give Sallie the perfect nose she’s after? Learn more about her past surgeries in the clip above! 

Watch a new episode of Botched Wednesday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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