Naked Photos of Ex, Accused Alcoholism

  • February 13, 2019
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As for AJ and Stephanie, the former believes that they ‘really do make such a good team.’

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Lifetime’s “Married at First Sight” season 8 returned with a new episode on Tuesday, February 12. The episode offered more insights into the four couples’ lives following their marriages.

Kristine and Keith were attempting to build trust between them by looking through each other’s phones, but what happened was something Kristine would never imagine for. She found tons of pictures of Keith’s ex-girlfriend, and some of them were allegedly naked photos. Although Keith tried to shake it off, Kristine was still understandably upset.

“Realistically, we both had significant others before we met each other but it’s kind of hurtful that he’s holding on to these photos,” she shared. “It’s making me insecure.”

Keith then realized that his wife was hurt by it, saying, “Kristine is my queen now and I have to show her that she really is the only person for me. I really feel bad that Kristine had to go through this.”

Meanwhile, Luke accused Kate of having a drinking problem. He thought that his wife drank alcohol to cope with their marriage problem including him not being attracted to her. However, instead of confronting Kate directly, he told the show’s producers about it behind Kate’s back, much to the experts’ dismay.

Kate, obviously, was upset when they told her, insisting that she didn’t have a drinking problem. “He’s never said anything to me,” she said. “In fact, he’s the one giving me the alcohol I’m drinking.”

Kristine was a little bit relieved when Luke explained to her that his reaction come from the fact that he lost a friend to a drunk driving accident. However, it didn’t make her less update about Luke’s communication style.

Nothing much was different in Jasmine and Will’s relationship as they had yet to have sex despite Jasmine’s eagerness. The pair, however, did a fishbowl exercise to start conversations they never had before. “Communication is what Will says he needs to feel intimate and since we haven’t had sex yet, I’m hoping that this will get him going,” Jasmine said.

When asked about his fantasy, Will told her to wear some glasses and act like a “librarian book nerd.” Laughing, Jasmine responded, “So you’re into nerds?”

As for AJ and Stephanie, the former believed that they “really do make such a good team.” AJ added, “I feel like we’re really becoming a power couple.”

However, he still snapped at Stephanie for no reason. In the new episode, he was seen getting angry at his wife for asking him where he wanted to eat. “With AJ, the smallest things can set him off and he can get really short and snippy,” Stephanie said, frustrated.

“Married at First Sight” airs on Tuesdays at 9 P.M. on Lifetime.

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