Monica Tried To Stop A Domestic Violence Situation, And Things Went Left…

  • August 30, 2018
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Atlanta’s favorite R&B songbird, Monica, is known to be about that life low key, but we all know she has a huge heart, which, unfortunately, backfired on her last night. 

While shopping with her brother, she witnessed a man “screaming at his wife.” The man, then proceeded to “beat [his wife] senseless” in the car. Springing into action, her “brother & Nell” went to stop him while the After The Storm singer tried to help the woman. However, things took an unexpected turn.

The wife told her, “Get away; you’re just looking for something.” Monica, naturally, was “floored, confused and mad!” Despite the unfortunate situation and doing the right thing, you can’t help those who don’t want it. 

We love and respect self-dubbed “Miss Thang” for doing what’s right, regardless of outcome. This means way more than being a bystander. 

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