Madonna Slammed for Allegedly Photoshopping Her 10-Year Challenge Post

  • January 16, 2019
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Some others, meanwhile, urge the ‘Like a Prayer’ singer to embrace her 60-year-old self rather than trying to look young.

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Following the controversial “Bird Box” challenge, many people have been doing 10-year challenge where participants are required to post side-by-side pictures which were taken at least ten years apart. Celebrities have been joining the fun too, with many showing off how much they glowed up over the years. However, one particular person apparently did not receive a lot of loves for her challenge post.

Not wanting out to miss out the fun, Madonna shared side-by-side pictures of herself which were taken in 2008 and 2018. Both pictures showed her wearing similar makeup and the same curly blonde hair. She was also seen wearing similar black outfits. As there didn’t seem to be much of difference between the two images, people couldn’t help but speculate that the 60-year-old singer might be photoshopping the new image of herself.

“Are you sure this isn’t edited or retouched? Cause you definitely don’t be looking like that in your videos and candids,” one follower wondered. Another believed that the new picture was edited, sassing, “Photoshop out and the ‘magic’ is gone!!!! Stop using filter and show us the reality. Only blind fans will believe [you] do look that good and fresh.”

Some others urged Madonna to embrace her 60-year-old self, with one posting a rather lengthy message asking her to “stop torturing yourself.” The said user added, “You have to know how to accept growing old and a woman who has wrinkles is a beautiful woman too so accept without filter without botox and implants you would be much more beautiful and less ridiculous than want to look like your 20 year old daughter.”

“She needs to evolve and age gracefully. And stop trying to hang onto her 20s and embrace her 60s,” one other similarly said. One individual didn’t seem to resist his/her urge to be harsh, saying, “When is she gonna accept that she’s old and saggy. F**kenfake a** grama.”

Madonna has yet to respond to the backlash.

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