Luke Kisses Kate, Kristine and Keith Already Have Baby Talks

  • February 6, 2019
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Jasmine and Will, meanwhile, still didn’t have much progress from before despite Jasmine’s strong desire to have kids.

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Things started to get better for the four couples in season 8 of “Married at First Sight”. In the Tuesday, February 5 episode, the couples seemingly had grown closer with and comfortable around each other.

Following drama surrounding Kate and Luke’s marriage after Luke disrespected his wife, they finally got more open when it came to intimacy. The newlyweds had a housewarming party for their friends. The problem was that Luke invited many of his friends that Kate didn’t know of, making her uncomfortable.

“I think Kate is just a little nervous kind of meeting new people,” Luke said. “She’s always feeling like she’s being judged. I just want to relax her and let her know everyone is going to love her no matter what.”

Following the party, the pair had a romantic night with Luke kissing Kate. “It just felt like a natural kiss, because I feel like maybe he actually likes me,” Kate shared.

As for Kristine and Keith, it was revealed that they couldn’t stop having sex following their first time. “She sets the pace every night. … she wants it, so I’m going to give it,” Keith said. “I don’t what loves means, but I’m starting to feel it with Kristine.”

They told the experts that they didn’t use contraceptives during sex, leading them to ask Keith if he was ready for a kid. That was when the couple differed. While Keith admitted that he was ready, Kristine thought that her career was her first priority for now.

“I am still building my career and I have a lot in mind to do with my husband before,” she confessed.

Jasmine and Will, meanwhile, still didn’t have much progress from before. Intimacy was still absent from their relationship. Will insisted that he wanted it “to be natural and you want it to be a little special.” However, Jasmine revealed that she wanted Will to just inisiate the intimacy soon because she wanted kids badly.

“I’m currently not satisfied with the level of intimacy that we have,” she said. “I don’t know what to do at this point. I need some affection.”

AJ and Stephanie previously had some tense as the latter said that AJ’s short-tempered trait scared her. The new episode saw AJ apologizing to his wife and things were going better after that. They even went out to meet some friends.

“I think I just fell a little bit in love with my wife,” AJ opened up. “I can see myself walking down that path towards love with her. I feel like I’m going to be calling Steph my wife for the rest of my life.”

“Married at First Sight” airs Tuesdays at 9 P.M. on Lifetime.

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