Lord: Lil Kim Just Threw Major Shade At Nicki Minaj With One Sentence…

  • June 26, 2018
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Queens-bred femcee superstar Nicki Minaj might have buried the hatchet with some ladies of rap on her New York home turf, but unfortunately, not all of them.

Brooklyn rap icon Lil Kim confirmed that with what fans have considered a slight jab at the Queen raptress during a recent interview.

On Wednesday night (June 20), Kimmy spoke with ET at West Hollywood’s Delilah restaurant where she showed face for Paris Hilton x Boohoo’s official launch party. Reporter Katie Krause asked her thoughts on the current state of female rap, pointing to two of its leading starlets Cardi B and Nicki. Let’s just say Kimmy let her inner-Mariah Carey speak for her.

“You know, Cardi is my girl! I don’t know the other one,” she expressed. “But Cardi is my girl and so I’m so excited for my girl Cardi. I can’t wait for her to have the baby. I love you, Cardi!”

Contrary to Kimmy’s statement, her and Nicki know each other quite well, and their rap enmity dates back circa 2010. The ladies were backstage together when seemingly innocent words were exchanged, as Nicki recalled it, and The Pinkprint raptress asked Kim if they were cool. The two even posed for a picture, but the Brooklyn femcee claimed that not only was Nicki’s story false, but things would have played out totally different if it were true.

“What? Are you kidding me?” Kim later addressed. “Picture somebody saying to me, ‘We good?’ I’ll ring her throat, snatch her larynx out.”

From then on, the ladies fired shots back after back to one another via diss tracks like Nicki’s “Roman’s Revenge” and full projects like Kim’s “Black Friday.” That brings us to 2018 where the ladies are apparently still at odds.

With the currently heightened state of female rap in the last few years, the hope now is that the ladies will finally set their differences aside and surprise us all with a reconciliation and, who knows?, maybe even a collaboration, too.

See Kim’s shade toss at the Ms. Chun-Li below.

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