Lance Bass Says He Lost a Shady Bidding War for Brady Bunch House

  • August 6, 2018
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Lance Bass

I Lost a Shady Bidding War

… For Brady Bunch House

8/5/2018 11:16 AM PDT

Exclusive Details

Lance Bass feels like got royally screwed by a real estate agent who played him like a fiddle in order to spike a bidding war for one of the most famous houses in L.A. — the Brady Bunch house.
Lance tells TMZ, he’s a super fan of the 70’s sitcom. He says he’s watched every episode 50 times, so when he heard the Studio City home was for sale, he said he had to have it. The former ‘NSYNC boy bander flips houses on the side, and he wanted to make the inside look exactly like the show and then sell it.  
The exterior of the house was used for the show, which ran from 1969 to 1974. The interiors were shot on the studio lot.
The house was for sale for $1.885 mil, but because of hot real estate market and the marquee value of the property, a bidding war erupted that sent the price WAY over asking.
Lance says the real estate agent told him the seller would look at all bids after the Thursday 3 PM deadline, and the highest bidder would win. Lance says he knew what he needed to beat 5 minutes before the deadline, and made an offer just shy of $3 million.  
This is where Lance says things got hinky. He got a call from the agent, saying the property was his, and that gave way to a big celebration. But, 24 hours later, Lance says the realtor called to say there was an “unforeseen circumstance” and another buyer came in and made a higher offer.
That other buyer was a Hollywood studio, and Lance says he was told the studio had a plan to outbid whoever won … after the fact. Lance feels he was used to just get the price as high as possible, and he’s pissed off. 

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