Kevin Hart May Go Back Hosting 2019 Oscars Following Controversy

  • January 4, 2019
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In an upcoming episode of ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, the comedian suggests that he is reevaluating his decision to step down as the host of the upcoming event.

AceShowbiz –
Kevin Hart may still serve as the host for the 2019 Academy Awards, after all. In an upcoming episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, the comedian reveals that he is reconsidering his decision to step down as the host of the upcoming awards-giving event following controversy over his old homophobic tweets which resurfaced online.

In a preview clip of the Friday, January 4 episode, host Ellen DeGeneres expresses her wish for Kevin to host the Oscars and reveals that she personally called the Academy to let them know she would support reinstating him as the host. The comedienne says she was told the Academy would be “thrilled” and that “we want him to host.”

Responding to Ellen, the “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” actor says, “Leaving here, I promise you, I’m evaluating this conversation. This is a conversation I needed to have, I’m glad that I had it here, and I’m glad that it was as authentic and real as I could have hoped that it would be. So let me assess, just to sit in this space and really think, and you and I will talk before anything else.”

Earlier in the interview, Hart notes that he initially chose to ignore the backlash at first because it would be like adding “more fuel to the fire.” He also reveals that he had apologized for the homophobic tweets back in 2012 and 2015. “I understand why people would be upset, which is why I made the choice to not use them anymore,” he continues. “I don’t joke like that anymore because that was wrong. I was a guy that was just joking for last and I was stupid.”

Hart stepped down from his Oscars hosting gig after a series of his past homophobic tweets surfaced online. He also apologized to those who were hurt by his past remarks, suggesting that he didn’t do such things anymore. “I am evolving and want to continue to do so,” he said.

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