Jay-Z and Beyoncé Reportedly Used 'Prop' Babies For Their 'On The Run 2' Photos

  • July 11, 2018
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UPDATE (6/7/18, 10:30 a.m.): The viral footage of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s high-powered “On The Run 2” Tour phenomenon left fans squealing in excitement not only from their show-stopping performances, but their jaw-dropping, unveiled photos of the Carter family twins, Rumi and Sir Carter…or so we thought.

According to BuzzFeed, the iconic photos of two twins cradled in Hov and Bey’s arms on the jumbo-tron stage screens weren’t actual photos of their newest fraternal additions to the Carter empire.

“When reached for comment, asking if this was indeed Beyoncé holding Sir and Rumi, the rep’s swift response was, ‘It’s not,’” the site reports of statements from the Queen Bey’s representatives. BuzzFeed added that they didn’t respond to any further questions about who the babies were, leaving fans to presume that the adorable infants were aesthetically set in place for the photos.

On the other hand, additional footage from the show displayed what could very well be footage of the now-1-year-olds, such as a quick peak at their faces in snippets of Bey and Hov’s wedding vow renewal.

Either way, we’re just happy to see the Carter power pair back on the road together again, and it’s only a matter of time before baby Sir and Rumi become old enough to join them as well.

Original story below:

There’s not a single, existing stage moment from the matriarch and patriarch of the megastar Carter family power pair, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, that hasn’t left fans dazzled and dazed in amazement.

Therefore, UK fans should have expected no less for the opening night of their dangerously-awaited “On The Run 2” tour where Bey and Hov stirred the crowd with the first 2018 photo of the Carter family fraternal twins, Sir Carter and Rumi Carter.

The Carters opened their performance with the phenomenal unveiling, showing both Bey and Hov on the life-sized stage screen in Cardiff, UK. As expected (and reported by TMZ), the crowd roared in astonishment from the close-up photos of the infants. The center screen reads a heartfelt message fit perfectly for the flick: “Love Is Universal.”

The photos are especially exciting for the Beyhive and Hov fans since we haven’t seen baby Rumi and Sir Carter since July 2017. By now, they should be at or approaching their first birthdays, so we’re hopeful that they plan on rolling out more adorable and updated photos of them in 2018.

For now, swoon in what the Carter family has blessed us with in the photo below.


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