Jada Pinkett Smith Playfully Claps Back at Will Smith With Bikini Pic

  • July 23, 2018
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Jada Pinkett Smithand¬†Will Smithneed their own TV show.In the midst of their family vacation in Italy, the A-list pair took turns ribbing each other on social media for their millions of fans to watch. To start, Will turned his camera on his wife of more than 20 years with a playful demand.¬†“Look pretty for my Instagram right now!” he jokingly shouted at Jada. “Look pretty for my IG and get me followers!”Jada was having none of it as Will then turned the camera to his 17-year-old daughter,¬†Willow Smith, lounging nearby.¬†“Willow! Willow! Willow! Perform for my followers!” he yelled at Willow, who paid no mind to her dad’s request.¬†“Delete that Instagram,” Jada suggested. “It’s taking over your life.””It’s perfect. Your hair is perfect. You’re on vacation,” he responded before clicking the video off.¬†

However, Jada had the last laugh when she took to her own Instagram account with a shot of her posing in a yellow bikini.¬†“Since @willsmith got me look’n all crazy in his Daddy Dearest video … I had to push some ‘counter programming,'” she quipped in the caption. “Daddy Dearest” is, of course, a riff on the 1981 film,¬†Mommie Dearest, which famously depicted a demanding and abusive portrait of¬†Joan Crawford.¬†It all seems to be in good fun as the family of five, including sons¬†Trey Smith and¬†Jaden Smith,¬†continues to enjoy their trip together. “Just finished shooting @GeminiManMovie for 5 Months… Knocked Out the #WorldCup… Family Vacation Begins TODAY!” Will wrote on social media earlier this week with a group photo.¬†The famous mom and dad have gotten plenty of quality time with their kids and even got to cross off a special experience on their bucket list.¬†

“I took my Kids SCUBA DIVING today!! Major [check] on my Parenting Bucket List,” Will wrote on Instagram along with a video documenting their underwater adventure.¬†As Jaden¬†quipped,¬†“My dad’s crazy, but that was amazing.”Have fun everyone!

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