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Jackie Fuchs Recalls Serious Hypoglycemic Episode She Suffered During

  • December 22, 2018
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Speaking of the incident, the former bass guitarist for The Runaways admits she initially thought she suffered a stroke when she lost control of her motor skills while competing in the popular game show.

AceShowbiz –
Former The Runaways rocker Jackie Fuchs is recovering from a serious health scare which derailed her winning streak on popular U.S. game show “Jeopardy!”.

The ex-bassist has been wowing viewers with her general knowledge on the longrunning TV quiz, winning four days in a row, but her stint as “Jeopardy!” champ came to an end on Thursday, December 20, after suffering what she initially feared was a stroke.

“For the last few months I had been having some really unexplained stomach pain and I hadn’t been able to eat that much, so when we got to the show, it takes so much concentration and you’re just using up your glucose left and right…,” she explained to TMZ.com before the episode aired. “I didn’t eat enough ’cause I couldn’t and I just ran out of steam.”

As her blood sugar level crashed, Jackie momentarily lost control of her motor skills.

“I had this really serious hypoglycemic episode, which I thought was a stroke at the time…,” she said. “I couldn’t get my hands to work, my brain was seeing one thing and mouth was saying another…”

She was eventually able to resume the competition, but it was too late for Jackie to regain the lead.

“We took a long break and they (production staff) were really really nice,” she added. “I made myself get up and finish the show because it was not fair to my opponents.”

And although much of Jackie’s medical episode was edited out, she fears she will only be remembered for a stupid answer she gave while she was struggling with the untimely illness.

“The audience groaned at one point because I said something so inane, and I’m just afraid it’s gonna be the worst moment on ‘Jeopardy!’ ever,” she cringed.

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