Ice Cube Has A Harsh Reality Check For Drake…

  • July 13, 2018
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After the rest of hip-hop has weighed in on what could be rap’s most polemical beef of 2018 between Pusha T and Drake, the OGs are now stepping in to drop some gems (or end flags) on the respective emcees.

After cease and desists were ordered by Drake’s OG confidante J Prince and Pusha’s GOOD Music chief Kanye West to call off the dispute, West Coast hip-hop icon Ice Cube sees the end nearing as well. Not necessarily for the feud, though, but for the 6 God’s hip-hop domination.

The N.W.A. heavyweight sat down with Sana G Morning Show where he discussed a few competitive subject matters, such as whom he has his money on in the 2018 NBA Finals and the King Push versus 6 God rivalry. To begin with, Ice Cube doesn’t believe that anyone has the “industry on lock” thanks to the influx of burgeoning, unique rap talents emerging all at once. Obviously, there have been artists who have taken the rap game by storm with wildly successful releases or hip-hop debuts, such as Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent and even Drake, he said.

“He had a good run,” he said, speaking of Drizzy. “You only got a three-year run in the rap game, baby! At the top, you only got three years at the tip-top of the rap game, and then you gotta find your place in this thing.”

The Raw Footage rapper simply believes it’s just the natural order of things, or “pattern,” as he deemed it, reminding everyone that even Drake’s label head and rap mentor Lil Wayne had his three-year monopolizing effect. He cited T-Pain as another icon who underwent a similar trial run, and projected the same for Compton rap prodigy Kendrick Lamar. As for whether he believes Pusha was the stone that knocked Drizzy from the throne, Cube doesn’t necessarily feel the beef is responsible, however.

“I don’t know if that did it,” he said. “I think it’s just, you know, your reign becomes over. I think the audience has determined that more.”

After that aforementioned three years’ domination that Cube believes is the standard for hip-hop artists, it’s time for his or her successor to take over, he said.

“That’s just been the pattern,” he said. “It was the pattern with me.”

While Cube’s son (and widely-known doppelganger) O’Shea Jackson Jr. has been keeping him up on Pusha and Drake’s beef, he admits that he hadn’t been as tuned in as everyone else because of his own current rap ventures. When he does find some time to update himself, World Star Hip-Hop has him covered, he hilariously added.

Cube also commented on one of the beef’s most hotly debated controversies: whether the digs from the rappers went too far or not.  

“That ain’t cool,” he said of Pusha’s shots at the OVO Sound leader’s mother and father. “I’m gonna have to see you. I might have to get a fair one. I might have to get that fade if you go too far. I’m gonna have to take it off the music if you go too far with my family.”

As for his own Death Certificate diss track of 1991, “No Vaseline,” aimed at the remaining members of N.W.A. during their fall-out at the time, Cube believes he kept it within reasonable bounds, too.

Words from the wise.

Listen to Cube’s full interview in the video below.

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