How to Wear Shirts Under Dresses Like Alison Brie

  • August 1, 2018
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You can get more from what you have by rethinking how to wear your favorite clothes.Layering is key. While most people know how to layer tops with sweaters and scarves, there’s a new layering technique that has taken Hollywood by storm: shirts under dresses. What once was a way to wear spaghetti straps and appease your parents or school principle is now a celebrity trend that makes your existing wardrobe more versatile.Just take Alison Brie, who paired a gold-tinted jacquard tea dress with a basic white T-shirt. Together, the style looks youthful, flirty and more casual, in comparison to her wearing the dress alone.

Before you grab a dress and top, there are a few ways to master the look. Check out the best celebrity shirt-dress combinations below, then shop their style!

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Warm Up Your Summer Dresses

Now that you’ve invested in your summer wardrobe, which include sleeveless evening dresses (See: Selena Gomez’s corset-inspired dress), it’s to think about how to wear them when the weather gets chilly. The “Back to You” singer mastered summer-to-fall transitional clothing, wearing a light, long-sleeved shirt under her dress. Take note!

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Keep It Fun and Flirty

White T-shirts aren’t the most feminine garments. However, when you pair them with floral, A-line dresses and platform heels, the basic top adds a fun and modern twist to a girly look. Alison Brie’s ensemble is the perfect example.

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Turn a Skin-Baring Dress into Workwear

You know that dress that you love to put on during the weekends, but wouldn’t dare wear to work? Yara Shahidi is showing how to get more from what you have in her 3.1 Phillip Lim Bubble Dress. Add a white button-down top to your look and put on your favorite heels. Now, you’re ready for the office!

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Make After-Dark Fashion Your Daytime Go-To

While you can certainly wear slip dresses during the day, Kourtney Kardashian demonstrates how to wear the silky garments casually. Simply, layer a white T-shirt under your slip dress and pair with ankle boots.

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